# Use Cases

Check out the 2 use cases for the Evmos project.

# Evmos chain

The Evmos blockchain provides Ethereum developers to deploy their smart contracts to the Evmos EVM and get the benefits of a fast-finality Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain. Developers will also benefit from highly-reliable clients from testnets can be used to test and deploy their contracts.

Evmos will also offer built-in interoperability functionalities with other Cosmos and BFT chains by using IBC (opens new window). Developers can also benefit from using a bridge network to enable interoperability between mainnet Ethereum and Evmos.

# EVM module dependency

The EVM module (aka x/evm (opens new window)) packaged inside Evmos can be used separately as its own standalone module. This can be added as a dependency to any Cosmos chain, which will allow for smart contract support.

Importing EVM module can also enable use cases such as Proof-of-Authority (PoA (opens new window)) chains for enterprise and consortium projects. Every chain on Cosmos is an application-specific blockchain (opens new window) that is customized for the business logic defined by a single application. Thus, by using a predefined validator set and the EVM module as a dependency, enables projects with fast finality, interoperability as well as Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

# Trade offs

Either option above will allow for fast finality, using a PoS consensus engine. Using the EVM module as a dependency will require the importing of the EVM and the maintaining of the chain (including validator sets, code upgrades/conformance, community engagement, incentives, etc), thus it incurs on a higher operation cost. The benefit of importing the EVM module to your chains is that it allows for granular control over the network and chain specific configurations/features that may not be available in the Evmos chain such as developing a module or importing a third-party one.

Using Evmos chain will allow for the direct deployment of smart contracts to the Evmos network. Utilizing the Evmos client will defer the chain maintenance to the Evmos network and allow for the participation in a more mature blockchain. The Evmos client will also offer (in the near future) IBC compatibility which allows for interoperability between different network.

Evmos Chain x/evm dependency
Maintenance Lower Higher
Sovereignty (validator, config, params) Lower Higher
Storage requirements Lower Higher

# Next

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